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5 Things: June 2017

Friday, 9 June 2017
Do you ever try to start a blog post and really just not know where to start? Yup me too.

I'm currently sat at my new (second-hand) desk, on my macbook, watching youtube videos on another laptop whilst i am writing. It's quite hard to write and to watch videos at the same time. I know, i am a woman and should be able to multi task...but not this time.

01: IVF Update - Endo Scratch

On my last update i took you up to the point where we got told we had one frozen embryo....After my egg collection AF arrived on the Sunday (6 days after collection, the day after we got told about our frostie) which was pretty damn early, in fact is was day 23 of my cycle. Luckily i am scheduled for a FET so it didn't really matter, However my next AF arrived on day 41!  So it fel a bit screwed up but I think honestly that was my body getting back to normal because my last one was so early.

Now i am on day 21 and have just been to the Clinic to have an Endo Scratch. This is a process quite similar to having a smear test. They scratch the lining of the womb, and this provokes a reaction within the inner lining of the womb. Hormones and chemicals are released to help the lining repair itself. Basically it gives you a better chance of your embryo attaching because it is already in repair mode.

When my next AF arrives in around 10 days i will start on my Estrogen tablets, and around day 12-14 i will have a scan and my transfer will be arranged. I also have to take pessaries :( I don't really like these but its for a good cause.

Once again the doctor said this cycle wouldn't be counted as a 'go' if it doesn't work because the clinic messed up with our chemical and it wasn't fair. Which should mean we get two more goes if this doesn't work. But fingers crossed it does. :)

02: Haul!!

I have had a bit of a spend recently (I hope Rick isn't reading this!) and i thought i'd share my faves with you.

I have been on the hunt for some new sandals for this summer to replace my tatty nude faves from last year. These shown below are from Asda and i knew they were a winner as soon as i saw them because of the studded stars (I have a star/galaxy obsession - but only if its good quality) and these are leather and proper nice studs. They also don't tie around the ankle (which i hate because i have fat ankles)
I must admit they were a bit uncomfortable on the toes when i first wore them but then after that they have been fine. So comfy and will go with anything. Winner!

This little cutie is from a shop near us called GeeTees, I think it was £4.

These green linen trousers are from Tesco, these were actually in the sale so i picked them up for about £14 i think. I don't think there is anything better than linen trousers in summer, they are effortlessly cool and casual and can be dressed up easily. They only had a size up from what i usually wear but i had to have them just for the colour. I love that they are baggy and a bit big. I just tie them tight at the top and they kinda go a bit paperbag style, which looks good when my top is tucked in. Plus with them being a size up its more comfortable when pigging out on bbq food and drinks :)

Because i'm trying to get fit and lose weight i decided i needed some new trainers. I did have some black nikes but they were getting a bit grotty. These below are from Sports direct (because it's full of bargains!) They are really comfortable and they let air in when walking/running, and they're bouncy :) yeah there isn't much else to say, they are really great. Not bad for £60.


Lush is pricey right?! I can't be the only one that thinks it's slightly overpriced. However, i do like the stuff they sell. Gahh. 
I have heard that Roots is a great hair treatment that helps prevent your hair from going greasy and makes it fuller. I have fine hair, I have very damaged bleach weird colour hair and it definitely needs a treatment. It smells minty, which is a good start. Lush say:

The root to great hair starts at the scalp. Mint’s active ingredient, menthol, is used in three different ways in this pre-wash scalp treatment to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles. This improves blood circulation that feeds new hair growth. Menthol also slows down the hair fall process, so your scalp will retain as much hair as genetics will allow.  Menthol and citric acid are especially beneficial for thin and fine hair wanting a bushy boost. Honey is a humectant and helps retain moisture in the scalp. Extra virgin olive oil strengthens new hair at the root which helps to prevent breakage. Roots is particularly beneficial for tight hair styles which pull on the hair root.

I also picked up two bath bombs: Yellow Submarine and Avobath.
I based my choices on the smell, does anyone else do this??

I also picked up this weird rainbow thing...apparently it can be used as bubbles, shampoo or soap. Pretty versatile right?? I actually cant wait to use it, i will probably use it first as bubbles and soap. I'll be honest, i am quite hesitant to use it as shampoo. But it smells lush! (see what i did there?)

I have been off work this week so we ventured out to Bury Market on Wednesday. I must say it's definitely worth a visit, its huge compared to other markets i've been too.

I picked up some earrings on sale...

Yes i am very aware these are fake Vivienne Westwoods, but i love them and really don't have the funds to buy the real deal at the moment.

I have seen quite a few vloggers advertising this Batiste 2 in 1 dry shampoo/conditioner and I got suckered in by the hype.
I'm so curious, I do like dry shampoo but my hair is never workable the day after i've washed it as it is so fine it just sticks to my head or all over the place so i usually pt it up in a ponytail. However i do want to try and use this and see if i can work with my bed head. I will let you know what i think.

03: Race For Life - Update on my Mum

Sunday 4th June - 11am Pennington Flash

My mum had her hysterectomy literally a week after being told she had cancer. It was so fast!! She had keyhole surgery and has recovered well. She's only having a few issues (her scars etc) but she is back at work and has been told she only has to go back in 6 months for a check up. What a relief!

We signed up to this run only the week before but still managed to raise about £200, so i was very proud.

Jemma, Darcey, Hayley, Me, Katie (sister) 

I'm not gonna lie, we didn't run but we jogged and mostly fast walked :)

04: Getting Motivated - Fitness and Diet

For the past month i have been going to the gym and counting Macro's. I haven't even lost 1lb. WHAT A FAIL!
So as of Monday i am back following Slimming World, but not attending group. This means giving up cheese (I always use Milk for my brews as HexA) and probably giving up bread (I'll have Alpens or Ryvita as my HexB)

Its hard work not having the app though. I wonder if you can just pay to use the app but not be a member?

I'm really enjoying the gym though, I go to Pilates and Bodytone on Wednesdays and a Plyo class on Saturday Mornings plus i'm trying to get in normal gym time on a Tuesday and Thursday if possible. I have a programme by one of the instructors so thats helpful.

I've got my Fitbit back up and running too!

05: Getting Motivated - Blogging

This one i struggle with majorly. I don't mind taking the pictures and i know what i want to say to you in my head but actually getting it down here on the blog seems really hard work. I don't know if it's just because my laptop is getting old and frustrating or if i just don't fully have the motivation needed, but i really want to get good at this. It also doesn't help that i am blogging to no-one! I need to get the blog out there. I also need to improve my photo quality, but i only have my iphone 7+ at the moment.

I have a few trips coming up and i'd like to do some reviews so hopefully they will be posted very soon. I am aiming for around 2 more posts byt the end of June, then in July i have my FET and a trip to Ribblesdale Cottages and London for the Harry Potter Cursed Child theatre play. I cannot wait!!
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